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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Here is an example of complete and utter idiotic behaviour. A bunch of EDL yobs, vandalizing a mosque.

Yes, I hear you say.. All these bigotted and racist wastrels need to get a life. They have to accept the truth about modern Britain.

This is a country of many colors and creeds, and Muslims are part of the fabric of British society.

Yes, and I also agree with you that these sad people, motivated not by any higher purpose, but by a sense of loss, can cause a lot of grief to their victims.

But here is the best bit about this story..The mosque they vandalized was not a mosque. The people who use this building aren't even Muslims.

Ask any muslim organization in Britain.. they will categorically confirm that Ahmadiyya community has nothing to do with Islam.

But those who burnt the poppies in London were true believers.

Ahmadiyya Muslim community, on the other hand, collected tens of thousands of pounds for the poppy appeal in the same year.

What a waste of paint and 12 months of your lives.. You Idiots!!

But you may still consider Ahmadiyya Muslims to be a threat to your national identity. In that case, you can still ask for help.

Contact any mainstream Islamic organization and they will be happy to support you. As some of them did in Walsall a couple of years ago.

Diveristy in EDL ranks!!

Who would have thought?

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