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Monday, October 22, 2012

1974 - In-Camera Proceedings of the Parliament of Pakistan - 1

Finally, after the wait of almost 38 years, the speaker of National assembly of Pakistan has made public the notorious proceedings of 1974 select committee. These are now available online and can be accessed by everyone.

Offical report was finally released recently. Title page.

The document is 3100 pages long, containing the record of the 'cross-examination' that took place of the two Ahmadiyya delegations; one from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at, and the other from the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement. This document can be downloaded here as a pdf file.

The first delegation comprising of four members was led by Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, the third Khalifatul Masih, was cross-examined for many days by the Attorney General, Yahya Bakhtiar. There were two versions of these events in circulation since the parliament declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims.

One was the Mullah narrative which was allegedly based on the official transcripts and published under the title "Parliament mein Qadiyaniyon ki Shakist" by Mullah Allah Wasaya. Please note that Allah Wasaya version is a heavily edited account from the document obtained illegally. From the released document it becomes abundantly clear that the committee and its speaker were unanimous in their opinion to keep it a secret for as long as possible. I invite you to compare the original with the Mullah version and and the Ahmadiyya version to confirm who is more truthful in their account.

The Ahmadiyya version of events was described in detail by Maulana Dost Muhammad Shahid who was a member of the delegation. This was a response to the book published by Allah Wasaya and not an attempt to disclose what was an official secret until now.

I have just finished reading the full account. It is a transcript which clearly reflects the aggressive, pre-planned and orchestrated effort by the Parliament to confirm the propaganda spread by the Mullahs at that time. Mr. Bakhtyar treated the whole affair as a criminal case, trying to prove a party guilty like a lawyer who was paid to do so. His tone was mostly aggressive, his style interrupting and his method very questionable. Due to this reason, the reader has to piece together what the witness (Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III) was trying to say between his interruptions.

As an Ahmadi, I was not surprised at any of the contents as it only lists the same arguments presented against the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The responses presented to the committee were not only adequate from a logical point of view, but also served as final warning to that unfortunate house which ushered the era of darkness for Pakistan.

In the coming weeks, I will present my analysis of the proceedings, especially on what was said in the absence of the delegations and during the concluding remarks uttered by all concerned.

Right now, my mind is wondering on the ineptitude and bigotry of that Parliament which took Pakistan back to the dark ages.

Next 1974 -II; The Question.


  1. Jazakallah. Will be interesting to read your analysis.


  2. A very informative piece, indeed. Jazakallah. In fact, I feel, there is a need to make a thorough analysis of the proceedings, highlighting the Jamaat's responses to various issues raised. This will Inshallah be very useful for all those non-Ahmadi brethren who have been under constant bombardments of disinformation, and are fed with lies and half-truths. This would be of immense help to all of us as well.



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