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Sunday, November 15, 2015

ISIS, nuclear apocalypse and hypocrisy: What we do best.

A nuclear apocalypse is looking more and more likely. image courtesy io9

Mumbai, Baghdad, London, Beirut, Peshawar, Kabul, Kuwait, Lahore, Nairobi... Just a few cities I could list out of recent memory which have witnessed coordinated suicide attacks resulting in civilian massacres. Paris is the latest in this list.

courtesy: cnbc

Such an atrocity may bring a hasty, ill-advised backlash by the French government and her allies. But no meaningful action will be taken by any nation or alliance to get rid of ISIS. This is because all decisions will be based on ill-intent, malice and greed.
While European right-wing is spoilt for choice on how to exploit the Paris attacks to shut our gates to refugees, make more war overseas and demonize millions of European Muslims; I am dreading what awaits humanity if they got their wish.
Douglas Murray and Richard Dawkins are still  parroting on about how uncivilized  the Islamic religion is.

They, of course are doing what they do best. Being bigots.

Before we ask whether Islam is the cause of such horrendous violence, we must ask first where do these people come from, what drives them to do such evil and who controls them? Popular answers are that these are individuals radicalized by political islamism, driven to violence by hate preachers and they are instructed to do so by ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

Political islamism has been around for a long time as a general nuisance in Muslim societies. They fail in elections and go through cycles of popularity depending on how bad the dictators get.  Hate preachers can be controlled by vigilance and effective law enforcement.

But what about ISIS? 

The ideological nerve center for the current wave of terror is in fact a manufactured entity. It smacks of think-tank naivete and juvenile policy blunders. Someone collected venomous vipers from around the world in a bag and then carelessly dropped it over Syria. And then they ran for their lives.

This is what US and Co. do when Saudis, Turks and Israelis get twitchy about Iran's nuclear ambitions.
Israel did what it does best: Make a fuss and divert the world's attention from its ongoing apartheid against the Palestinians.

courtesy ibtimes.
And Saudis did what they do best: Bankrolled another jihad, blessed by their US and EU patrons. Turks joined in.
Arab spring didn't quiet catch on in Syria. Assad regime may have been as bad as other dictatorships, but the Syrians turned out to be less bitter than Egyptians. One factor was that Muslim Brotherhood (political islamism) had little political clout in Syria, the other; Assad, despite his cruelties, has a very loyal support base in many parts of the country.
As early as 2011, analysts at Stratfor (as exposed by Wikileaks) were predicting a limited regional war between Israel and Syria to solve the Hezbollah problem once and for all. Same group of analysts were also spotting Jihadi propaganda in Arabic newspapers in the guise of defending human rights of Syrian Muslims. 'It's the Saudis', remarks an analyst on a news piece quoting a rebel leader's call to arms. In 2013, UK and France were planning to arm  the rebel groups in Syria. Nowadays, US secretary of state cannot stop mentioning the 'moderate' groups whose aspirations of toppling the government have been dashed by the Russian intervention.

courtesy: wall of controversy
One must give credit to the Saudis and Qataris for not doing this Jihad business half-heatedly. Once they decide to go to war, they make sure that there is enough manpower and dollars to bankroll it for a long period of time. A thirty year war we hear.. with the sole aim to weaken Iran's position in the region.
But at this juncture, once the many headed hydra of Islamist insurgency has established itself in the region, Iran did what it does best. 

Iran compromised without losing influence in the region. Russia came to the rescue.
I wonder why ISIS has posed no real threat to Israel, Saudi Arabia or Turkey? Even when Turkey had the opportunity to play a decisive role in getting rid of ISIS. They only pretended to play the role for a few days.
Then it became clear that they also were doing what they did best. Killing Kurds.
These thirty years look very lucrative for certain industries. Someone has to make the daily load of bombs to be dropped on a vast area. And who makes the expensive fighter jets to be sold to the Arab states? And boots on the ground are always good business of the military industrial complex.
There is a price to remain in power in the Middle East. You have to buy protection from the West and hire mercenaries to fight your wars.
What if you can't afford it?

Well, spring comes every year. It could be your turn in a few months..
While all this goes on, thousands of innocents are being killed in the conflict zone, in Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon. With civilian lives lost on European soil, a EU/NATO invasion is becoming more and more likely. But this time, Putin's Russia may be ready and waiting to settle old scores.
And then we will all do what we do best. Fight another world war and kill each other!

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