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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Death of Tolerance; Angela Merkel, Melanie Phillips and Rupert Murdoch

Melanie Phillips in her recent Spectator article has painted a grim picture for the future of Europe. This was in the light of Chancellor Merkel's recent comments about the failure of multiculturalism in Germany. I have no doubt that the German Chancellor's concerns are legitimate and Europe is indeed failing to assimilate the large number of non-EU immigrants into the mainstream culture.

I also agree with the opinion that various religious views held by these immigrants may be a reason for their failure to be accepted by their ethnic European neighbours. Radical Islam is a concern for everyone, Including a vast majority of those immigrant who have come to Europe to escape the tyrannical "Islamic" governments in their homelands.

Here is my problem. The far-right has always been around. Germany has seen its fair share of this in the past. Many European countries have seen a resurgence of right-wing politics in recent years. This is expected during every economic downturn. When jobs are scarce, when the state benefits system is under pressure, it is always immigrants who become the scapegoat.

Melanie mentioned Ahmadi Muslims in London being persecuted by the local extremists. This was apparently an example of how bad things are. Extremist Muslims are running amok in the heart of the western world! Tower Hamlet is an independent Sharia state and Hijabis are terrorizing innocent Londoners. This is not a good argument against immigration. Against Bigotry and misplaced cultural practices yes, but not against immigration.

I am an Ahmadi Muslim. There are many thousands of us living in London. Yes, we suffer from persecution in various Muslim countries, and yes, even in this country, orthodox Muslims oppose us at every opportunity they get. They have even campaigned against building of our mosque and have helped EDL and BNP to prevent our community projects from going ahead. The problem is bigotry. Its not only brown people from overseas bringing their evil ideologies to our shores. We have our own, home grown bigotry to deal with as well.

Ms. Philips also states that a lady burnt alive in Bradford was somehow a victim of Islamic extremism. That as a gruesome murder. As far as I know, murder have been happening in England before immigrants arrived on their boats.

The West has always taken the higher moral ground when it comes to "lesser" nationalities. They have always been backward and ignorant, they have always shown resistance to reform or they have always been stubborn, stuck in their ways. This is why they come in their droves to enjoy a lifestyle of luxuries by exploiting our benefit system. They multiply and increase by being a burden on our state and we "the white people" must pay for it. During the years of plenty, increasing number of people, from all ethnic backgrounds started living on state benefits as in many cases it paid more than working for a living. Immigrants appear to have benefited more than the rest because they were the most disadvantaged. It was the state's job to make the best use of its human resource by discouraging dependence on benefits.

Western economies have increased because skilled and highly educated immigrants have moved to the financial capitals in search of a better life. While money has been generated through industry and innovation and by war mongering in the third world, the immigrant diasporas have influenced their surroundings. Like all immigrants before them, Normans and Norse, Turks and Romans, their influence can not be categorized as bad or detrimental. What is Western culture any way? Is it a set of practices which are required to remain unchanged forever? With increasing frequency, the cultures and practices of third world change to suit the demands of a changing world. New and more humiliating ways of finding daily sustenance are being invented in African and Asian slums. Thoughts of austerity frighten us. While it is the part of immigrant nature to live on meagre incomes, to fit their families within less than adequate housing , but to work hard and to provide for their dependants at home and in their homelands also is their duty. An immigrant is more cost effective for the West than an indigenous European. They cost less but have to offer their youth, their taxes and and their loyalties to a country for a very cheap price. Rejecting them will only create more suffering.

Then Melanie quotes Rupert Murdoch on a completely unrelated matter. Mr. Murdoch links immigration with the rise of anti-semitism in Europe. So now Muslims have caused this too? Hating Jews has been a very European/Christian trait. Melanie Philips thinks that Jews have an "ancient" right over Palestine. Same Jews who were doing fine until some anti-semites thought that they did not belong in Europe. Jews were immigrants who were stuck in their ways. They did not abandon their religion to conform to the Christian European customs. They stuck to their culture and Europe punished them for being so Jewish after all those centuries they had lived among them.

I guess it is time for another revolution in Europe. Philips, Murdoch and their ilk would love another cleansing of the West to bring it back to the pristine whiteness it was all those years ago.

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