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Monday, October 4, 2010

Don’t fight God. It is not for you to destroy me!

Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, The Imam Mahdi and The Promised Messiah (alyhis Salam) writes;
"The world does not know me, but He knows me Who has sent me. Those who wish my destruction are mistaken and extremely unfortunate. I am the tree which has been planted by the Lord God with His own hands.....
“O People! You must understand this for sure that I am accompanied by that Hand which shall remain faithful to me till the end of time. If your men and your women, and your young and your old, and your insignificant ones and your notables: all committed themselves to praying for my destruction—so much so that your noses get withered and wasted away due to your endless prostrations, and your hands become numb, even then God will most certainly not accept your prayers, and He will not
relent until His will is done. Even if I do not have a single human being with me, the angels of God will be on my side. And if you withhold your testimony, the stone will well night testify for me.
Therefore, do not wrong your souls. God leaves nothing unresolved. I consider as accursed a life which is tainted with falsehood and lies, and which, out of the fear of the creatures of God, evades to comply with Divine imperatives. It is certainly impossible for me to show any slackness—even if the Sun moved from one side and the Earth from the other to crush me between them—in carrying out the duty which God Almighty has at the moment entrusted to me, and for which Alone He has sent me. What is man? A mere worm and nothing more than a clot! How then can I, for the sake of this lowly creature, fail toabide by what the Self-Subsistent Being has commanded. Just as God decided between His prophets and those who rejected them, so shall He decide now. There is a time for the prophets to come and a time to depart: do mark it for sure, that I have neither made a seasonless appearance, nor shall my exit be unseasonable.

Don’t fight God. It is not for you to destroy me!"

[Tohfae Golarviyyah, Roohaani Khazaa’in vol. 17, pp. 49-50]

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