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Thursday, November 8, 2012

1974 - V : Conspiracy Theories

The whole nation of Pakistan, including those who took up arms in exchange of petro-dollars are now eligible targets for collateral damage. In short, those who follow the “kuffar”, or help them, assist them, give them safe passage for military supplies are not worthy of being Muslims, and can be killed. The whole nation is in a state of constant denial.

'No Muslim can commit such attrocities'!

There is a 'foriegn hand', a conspiracy to destroy Islam and Pakistan!

But dear Pakistanis, do have a look at the events of 1974. The so-called fathers of Taliban represented the nation in the Parliament and started the rot which is eating away at the very soul of Pakistan.

Readers of the 1974 in-camera proceedings will find that the members of Parliament were under the impression that the Ahmadiyya delegation chose to be subjected to this cross examination. Fact is, that the delegations had no option but give evidence due to the obscene and slanderous nature of the resolutions presented in the Parliament.

Mufti Mahmood tabled the resolution which clearly states that Ahmadis are conspiring against Islam and the Ummah by pretending to be Muslims (pages 1883-1884);Whereas Mualana Ghulam Ghaus Hazarvi echoed the same sentiments and more in his 'Bill' which also contained demands of removing Ahmadis from key posts and effectively evicting them from Rabwah. (page 2587)

It was also the total lack of competence on part of the Government. They had formed a steering committee to obtain witness statements to

'decide the status of a person who does not believe that the Holy Prophet (saw) was the last prophet.'

So the party being accused of the 'crime' had to present the evidence voluntarily or otherwise.

These proceedings are also a snapshot of the collective psychology of the nation. A nation recently broken apart, a country recovering from a heavy military defeat; a nation which was introverted, deeply suspicious and paranoid. Mr. Bhutto at times was the architect of this mindset as he proved it by blaming foreign hand for the unrest. No wonder that the committee was churning out conspiracy theories on an industrial scale against Ahmadiyya Muslims.

Members of National Assembly frequently remarked that the record of these proceedings was to become part of history, not only for Pakistan, but for the whole of Muslim Ummah. (page 1028, 2712-2714) Reading the document 38 years later, it makes complete sense; the lies, ignorance and hatred of the 'honorable' members could not be shared with the general public. We are introduced to a group of people who pretended to represent the aspirations of the people of Pakistan; some were Mullahs, some were typical landowners with little interest in welfare of the country and only a few were educated enough to understand the gravity of the situation. If we remove the Ahmadiyya witness statements away, you could easily imagine them as a bunch of schizophrenics believing in every wild theory they were presenting. No wonder that generation of leaders lost half the country and then invited the worst military dictatorship on the country ever in the same decade!

Here are a few examples of what was presented as a fact in that committee room:


Ahmadis are the enemies of Pakistan:

The original resolution presented by Mufti Mahmood: (Pages 2077-2080)

Ahmadis conspired against Pakistan during partition, which caused Gurdaspur to remain in India. This led to India having access to land routes into Kashmir and so on.

The Attorney General also paid special attention to this issue during is aggressive cross examination. He kept on returning to the issue pretending not to understand the reasons behind Jamaa't's efforts to help Pakistan in gaining Gurdaspur through separate representation by Ahmadis.

Justice Munir who was also a colleague of Sir. Zafrulla Khan observed in his famous enquiry report:
'Apprehensions about the final location of Qadian, therefore, began to be felt, and since they could obviously not ask for its inclusion in India, the only course left for them now was to fight for its inclusion in Pakistan. Vile and unfounded charges have been levelled against the Ahmadis that the district of Gurdaspur was assigned to India by the Award of the Boundary Commission because of the attitude adopted by the Ahmadis and the arguments addressed by Chaudhri Zafrullah Khan who had been selected by the Quaid-i-Azam to present the case of the Muslim League before that Commission. But the President of this Court, who was a Member of that Commission, considers it his duty to record his gratitude to Chaudhri Zafrullah Khan for the valiant fight he put up for Gurdaspur. This is apparent from the record of the Boundary Commission which anyone who is interested may see. For the selfless services rendered by him to the Muslim community, it is shameless ingratitude for anyone to refer to Chaudhri Zafrullah Khan in the manner in which he has been referred to by certain parties before the Court of Inquiry.
One can also find frequent references made to 'akhand bharat' by most of the speakers. Again reflecting the  paranoia and recent humiliation caused by the fall of Dhaka. There was no evidence to support this theory, only a partial statement from Khalifatul Masih II which was taken out of context.

Ghulam Ghaus Hazarvi, once an informant for the British CID in Peshawar, and a staunch Congress supporter before Partition, also claimed that Ahmadis spy for India under the guise of visiting Qadian (Page 2835).

Ahmadis are deniers of Jihad:

On Page 2094, Mufti Mahmood said that Ahmadis don't even believe in Jihad, but they started gaining influence in the armed forces. That is why they have always failed to fulfil their responsibilities during Indo-Pak wars. I am sure Pakistani nation would like to know more details -  Such 'facts' have been succesfully hidden for so long that people who used them are now deceased; unaware that a simple google search will prove them liars.

On the same page, the father of Taliban (its still Mufti Mahmood) says that due to 'Mirzai' conspiracies, the nation had to suffer the curse of Martial law. Mufti and his Mullah friends demonstrated this to be a lie by getting rid of Mr. Bhutto in 1977 through another military coup.

The Attorney General questioned Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III (a.r.) on this topic in detail. (pages 1067-1165). Although it becomes abundantly clear that Ahmadiyya opinion on Jihad of sword (qitaal) is logical and the most reasonable, Mr. Bakhtiyar kept implying that the real Islamic Jihad means revolting against any non-Muslim ruler. Something that none of the Assembly members and their fathers could demonstrate during the British raj.


Ahmadis are British/Zionist agents:

The question of British patronage for Jamaa't Ahmadiyya is probably the most common misconception among the mainstream Muslims. Mufti Mahmood's speech had a sizable portion dedicated to this conspiracy theory. Here he quotes an official document 'The Arrival of British Empire in India' which alleges that a delegation of British journalists and clergymen visited India in 1860s and concluded that Muslim unity can only be broken through an 'apostolic prophet'. The Mufti was careful not to provide a direct reference to this document, but quoted Agha Shorish Kashmiri's work 'Ajami Israel'. Kashmiri was not known for speaking the truth and some even found evidence of fabricated interviews that he published to support his right-wing conspiracy theories.

The document 'Arrival of British Empire in India' does not exist in any library or public record. This is obviously a hoax to strengthen a lie.The fact that this was presented as the evidence speaks volumes of the character and truthfulness of the speaker. Also, this question was not raised during the cross-examination, but presented as a fact during concluding speeches to avoid humiliation.

Another member of Parliament Maulana Abdul Hakeem (on behalf of Maulana Ghulam Ghaus Hazarvi) spoke on this matter and presented his opinion on Tuhfa-e-Qaisariya (a book of Promised Messiah addressing Queen Victoria). He interpreted the respectful tone of writing as not suitable for 'prophetic majesty'. Maybe he would have preferred his Imam Mahdi to be devoid of the high moral teachings of Islam. e.g., courtesy, loyalty and honesty. What none of the Mullahs mention about Tuhfa-e-Qaisariya is that this book was written as an invitation to Queen Victoria to accept Islam.

Mufti Mahmood also stated that Ahmadis of Qadian celebrated the British victory in Iraq during WW-1. On page 1232, Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (a.r.) also addressed this during the cross-examination. Mufti sahib forgot to mention the fact that a large majority of Muslims, their elders and leaders celebrated the British victory.

Religious leaders of all major sects ignore the fact that large number of British-Indian Muslims fought in the British Army during both world wars. All major Ahrari leaders supported the British cause and published articles and letters to show their allegiance to the Empire. It was when the Indian National Congress started to openly rebel against the government that their paid Ahraris also participated in those agitations.
The fact is that if the British actively sponsored anyone, it was the Deoband and Ahl-Hadith leaders in India. Please see the video below.

Not only this, Barelvi school of thought was also very close to the British. One can find plenty of evidence on the internet.

1970s was a time of extreme anti-Zionist sentiments everywhere. Arab nations had recently lost a war against Israel and conspiracy theorists were busy finding the reasons for the Arab defeat. Mullahs of Pakistan found an easy target in Ahmadis. Mufti Mahmood collected some random references and tried to weave them in his story on how Ahmadis are the agents of Israel. The only fact in his speech was that some native Arab Ahmadis live in a town called Kababeer which was occupied by Israel in 1948. The Mufti  forgot to mention the fact that apart from these few hundred Arab Ahmadis, many hundreds of thousands of Arab Muslims live in Israel as well.

Mullah Abdul Hakeem (Ghulam Ghaus Hazarvi et al) also made reference to the Arab defeats and Israeli aggression (page 2486-87) and somehow linked it with Ahmadis. A detailed response to these allegations was given by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III (a.r) during Friday 23rd of August proceedings. (page 1230 onwards).

As a community, Ahmadiyya Jamaa't has always been critical of the state of Israel* and its creation through violence and occupation. Sir. Zafrullah Khan was hailed as a hero of the Arab cause when he defended the Arab nations in United Nations against Israeli aggression.

These are only a few examples from these two speeches which were the Deobandi (JUI) response to Ahmadiyya Muslim Mahzarnama.


'Qadiani' Kalima

One MNA, Inayat-ur-Rahman Abbasi spoke about the Kalima written on the entrance of a Mosque in Africa. Due to the poor picture quality and the unusual calligraphy (Kufi), Maulvis found the evidence that Ahmadis read Ahmadur Rusoolullah instead of Muhammadur Rusoolullah.

People have seen better UFO evidnece than this!

When Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III (ar) was asked about this by Yahya Bakhtiyar,(pages 312-315) he pointed to  'tashdeed' on the letter Ma in the word they wanted to read as Ahmad. There is extra emphasis on the second letter Ma in Muhammad. It was also pointed out to the committee that Rabita-e-Alame-Islami's official publications printed the same picture in an Anti-Ahmadiyya article but did not object to the Kalima. i.e, they understood it to be the same Kalima written on all the mosques around the world. 

After the delegation left for the day, Maulana Zafar Ansari had a look at the magazine handed over to the committee as evidence. He tried his best to prove that the article was critical of 'subversive' Qadiani activities in Africa in the hope that people would also accept the lie about the Kalima (pages 340-345) This was indeed a sign of their frustration on being caught out lying. One of many to come during the proceedings. 

Sir Zafrullah Khan; Jurist, lawyer, statesman, writer, historian, scholar, Judge of ICJ. But still of 'sub-standard intellect' for some.

A couple of non-Mullah MNAs exposed their mental state and of that committee on the 2nd of September.

M. Afzal Randhawa wanted the government to investigate the secret funding Ahmadis receive from Israel. He also expressed the opinion that as Ahmadis are not Muslims, they can't even be good Pakistanis. (page 2797-2800)

Chaudhary Mumtaz Ahmad had the decency to accept at least on historic fact that the Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) defeated christian missionaries in debates. (page 2803), but he repeated the same story of British sponsorship and the intent to divide the Muslims.

Makhdoom Noor Muhammad revealed that Sir Zafrulla and M.M. Ahmad both were of inferior intellect; (an opinion that the whole world disagrees with) he then proceeds to quote Shaikh Mujeeb-ur-Rahman who blamed a 'syndicate of Qadiani Generals' behind the East Pakistan situation and threw in a few Tel Aviv references too for good measure. This honorable member also disclosed that Ahmadis also tried to sabotaged the Independence of Indonesia (pages 2820-2822) , something that will even surprise the Indonesian historians.

Next: Kufr and Islam - Circles and boundaries:
* In 1939, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II (ra) wrote a tract against the scheme to settle Jews from around the world in Palestine. This was widely published and very well received by many leading Arab newspapers. Reference to this was made by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III on 1247-1250 of the documents.

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